It’s begun.

Convention has been rejected.
The old rules erased.

Currency liberation is now.
The true rate is yours.
Hidden charges a thing of the past.

A new financial mindset for all.
Currency Freed.


The award-winning multi-currency account built on transparency, making a difference.

Centtrip was created to challenge convention and pioneer positive change with complete transparency in the global currency market for companies and private clients. With a team of foreign exchange and technology experts, we have drawn on our experience to build an unrivalled global multi-currency account specialising in FX, payments and banking solutions.

The first of its kind worldwide, we always have been and always will be driven and committed to develop our account technology to demystify the currency market with intuitive and simple solutions.

Access fixed, fair and transparent fees 24/7 – Centtrip is the definition of Currency Freed.


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Innovation & Excellence Winner 2017

Moneynet Awards


Best Prepaid Currency Card Winner 2015

Prepaid365 Awards


Best Corporate Prepaid Card Winner 2015

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Tech Business of the Year Winner 2014