New Directions

Travel like most things is constantly changing and evolving. New directions focuses on the latest, emerging travel trends the inform and mould the way we spend time abroad, both for business and pleasure.

23rd November 2017

Fed cautious of low inflation

The Fed released their minutes last night from the meeting held by the Central Bank three weeks ago. Many...

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22nd November 2017

UK growth forecast slashed from 2% to 1.5%

The office for budget responsibility cut its forecast for UK economic growth from 2% down to 1.5% for 2017....

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21st November 2017

German coalition talks collapse

The political environment in Germany has been plunged into darkness as talks between Angela Merkel’s CDU Party and Christian...

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14th November 2017

UK inflation remains at 3%

Today marked the release of the UK inflation data, showing prices rising by 3% on an annualised basis. This...

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8th November 2017

Oil prices could trigger rising inflation

As tensions rise in Saudi Arabia, Oil has continued to push higher as fears over a supply reduction grow....

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7th November 2017

Bank of England could be forced to raise again

Last week the Bank of England raised interest rates for the first time in almost 10 years in a...

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