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Centtrip and Aquator Marine announce new strategic partnership

Growing provider of yacht management solutions Aquator Marine has entered a strategic partnership and API integration with Centtrip.

Centtrip is delighted to announce our new, strategic partnership with leading yacht management software provider, Singapore-based Aquator Marine.

With a shared belief in the importance of accurate and timely information for all stakeholders, from captains and crew, through yacht management and crew management companies, to owners, Aquator and Centtrip are well placed to drive greater financial and operational efficiency across the industry.

Centtrip’s expertise in foreign exchange, multi-currency expenses, payments and cashflows complements Aquator’s operational solutions. Together, the businesses will enable customers to:

  • Integrate payments and financial management information across every aspect of yacht operations.

  • Drive operational efficiency through streamlined payment processes.

  • Customise financial solutions for yacht owners and charter operators.

  • Access real-time financial data and analytics for better decision-making.

“Centtrip’s Marine business continues to grow in Europe, the US and across the world,” says Centtrip CEO Jane Turner. “Yacht owners and operators are increasingly seeking solutions that drive operational efficiency and deliver real-time, actionable insights. That makes integrations and partnerships like this a real win-win for all the parties involved.”

The collaboration between Aquator and Centtrip will give clients a new level of convenience and control over their financial and operational activities.

Jane Turner, Chief Executive Officer of Centtrip, said: “I’m delighted to announce our new strategic partnership and API integration with Aquator Marine. Aquator and Centtrip share a belief in the critical importance of accurate, timely and available information for every yacht stakeholder – owner, management company, captain and crew, charter management and shipyards. Together, our businesses can streamline the flow of payments and financial data that lie at the heart of successful yacht operations.”

Gerben Visser, Founder and CEO of Aquator Marine, said: “Aquator Marine is thrilled to partner with Centtrip. Their deep understanding of the financial intricacies in the marine sector complements our technology-driven approach to yacht management. This partnership is a game-changer for the industry, offering our clients a seamless integration of financial and operational management."

Further information


Stephanie Boukhari, Marketing Director, Centtrip: stephanie.boukhari@centtrip.com

Gerben Visser, CEO, Aquator Marine: gerben@aquatormarine.com

About Aquator Marine

Aquator Marine was founded on the belief that the power of yacht software is increasingly essential to yacht management. Its solutions apply the best principles and methods of business management to yacht operations, with a focus on the availability of accurate, timely, and interpretive data that is critical to a yacht’s safety, operability, and longevity.  Aquator develops data-driven solutions that improve productivity, are more cost-effective, and provide interactive ways to manage yacht-related activities. Its multinational, multi-skilled team is headquartered in Singapore and operates globally. For more information, visit: aquatormarine.com.

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