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Centtrip in action

0754 EDT • New York

Smooth Roast – $3.50

Coffee and calm, before waking the band. On my own, on my phone. And, the Centtrip app. A chance to check the crew’s expenses from last night.

Oh, and scan the coffee receipt for my expenses. 

  • Manage multiple accounts with real-time reporting from the app.
  • Scan and tag receipts for easy analysis.
0836 EDT • New York

The Bowery Hotel – $5,437.15

Check out. All rooms, and extras, settled on the Centtrip card. Richard (the band’s business manager) will see the transactions when he gets into the office and he can start closing off the accounts for the East Coast leg of the tour. He’ll also top up the balance on my card as we hit the West Coast.

Mickey’s lost his card (again). Locked it instantly using the Centtrip app.

  • Spend up to $250,000 in a single transaction.
  • Instantly lock and unlock individual cards from the app.
1428 MDT • Somewhere over the Midwest

Cards loaded – $1,400.00

God bless in-flight wi-fi! Laptop out and a last-minute change in crew. Moving the lighting engineer’s budget from Gideon to Cheryl’s card.

It’s also time to process per diems for the touring party. One click and everyone’s prepaid Centtrip card is topped up with their weekly allowance.

Oh, and Mickey was using his card as a book-mark. Unlocked (again).

  • Instant card loading and balance transfers save precious time
  • Respond quickly to last-minute changes.
1800 PDT • Seattle

ATM – $5,000

Soundcheck. Flight was late. Late to venue. But a dash to the nearest ATM and additional, casual labor was hired. It’s a tour manager’s job to think ahead, anticipate problems and deal with the unexpected. 

The world can’t always wait for a phone-call – especially across time zones – but Centtrip’s high balance and transaction limits make handling obstacles or opportunities nice and simple.

Besides, Richard gets grumpy if his evening is disturbed. 

  • Withdraw up $5,000 from ATMs anywhere in the world.
  • High transaction limits empower people on the road.
0055 PDT • Seattle

The Baltic Room – $750.00

The gig was a resounding success! Impromptu after-party. Unexpected bar bill. But a fantastic kick-off for the West Coast tour.

Oh, and I did the day’s expense report in the hotel room, afterwards. Scanned receipts and real-time reporting keep it simple and ensure nothing gets missed.

Started thinking ahead to my next tour, creating a separate Centtrip account and setting up cards, permissions, and transaction limits.

  • The reports you need when you need them - tailored, real-time, any time.
  • Customize account structure with user-defined, multi-tier permissions.

Centtrip has changed the way we do business

“Centtrip understands what our clients need. The online account and app are easy to use and there is a great office support team for more complicated matters.”

Grant Court, Director, SRLV Accountants

Centtrip has changed the way we do business

“Working with Centtrip has always been a really good experience. The team is just brilliant – always approachable, amenable and responsive."

Johnny Evans, Group CFO, AEI Group

Centtrip has changed the way we do business

“Centtrip’s customer service is excellent. They’re always going above and beyond to make sure the client’s looked after.”

Lloyd Quilty, Director, SRLV

Your trusted partner

Extension of your team

We believe in building client relationships based on trust and work with you to create solutions to all your expense management needs.

Award-winning technology

Our smart account, card and app are built on innovative API-driven technology which has won multiple global technology awards.

Unrivaled expertise

We understand your world and your business and have experts in banking, expense management, compliance and technology.

Transparent pricing structure

We provide fair and transparent pricing that is both clear and competitive. All fees are guaranteed and tailored to your specific needs.

Your security is our highest priority

We adhere to strict protocols to maintain best-in-class compliance procedures and ensure total security of your finances and data.

The FDIC insurance

The Centtrip Corporate card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International, Inc. Funds are FDIC insured up to $250,000. 


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“Centtrip really understood our needs and those of our clients. Their technology enabled us to access live markets, saving everyone time and money.”

Charles Bradbrook, Partner, SRLV

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