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What does the future hold? Check out our 2024 Foreign Exchange Outlook

What might turbulent times mean for your business? Our Dealing Desk’s Ross Hammond reviews the foreign exchange outlook for 2024.

Centtrip Foreign Exchange Outlook for 2024

Whether planning a yacht refit, funding your next film project or exchanging your artists’ tour receipts, foreign exchange movements are a serious consideration. Last year, GBP/USD had a range of 11% from highest to lowest exchange rate. That size of movement can put a serious dent in your project’s profitability.

So, what does 2024 hold? It will be the biggest election year in history with more than half the world’s population going to the polls. Elections are not the only source of uncertainty. There is conflict in Ukraine and the Middle East and tensions over Taiwan. Around the world, inflation shows signs of being tamed, but there’s still a way to go.

Centtrip’s SVP of FX Strategic Sales, US Market, Ross Hammond explores the outlook for major currencies in our 2024 Foreign Exchange Outlook.

If you have international transactions scheduled for the year, download a copy and start planning ahead.

Download your free copy, now

Centtrip Foreign Exchange Outlook for 2024

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