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Meet the Centtrip Marine team

Meet the team that supports 70% of the world’s largest charter superyachts.

With over 10 years’ experience and clients all around the world, Centtrip is honoured to support the biggest names in yacht management and many of the world’s largest superyachts.

But who are the individuals who actually provide that support?

Together, they resolve our customers’ toughest challenges, provide training to ensure clients’ can make best use of the full Centtrip platform, and help improve business processes to save clients time and money. By deeply understanding our clients’ businesses, they suggest where different Centtrip products can provide maximum benefit. They help with every issue from issuing replacement cards to API integration.

They are the Centtrip super-heroes fighting the industry evils of unjustified bank fees, legacy systems and poor customer service.

Meet the Centtrip Marine Team.

Ben Thorne, Sales Director

A familiar face to many, Ben recently returned to Centtrip after a five-year break. Today, he heads up Centtrip’s entire sales operation but retains deep connections with our many marine customers. Ben is particularly interested in saving clients time and money with Centtrip’s payments service. International or domestic, single or batch, Centtrip payments frequently deliver significant saving to our clients in Marine and other sectors, but many only think of Centtrip for its market-leading card and expenses solution.

A keen sports follower, with two daughters to fill his free time, Ben’s secret passion is Lego and his super-power is “being calm and collected”.

Mark Perry, Director, Europe

Mark heads up Centtrip’s Marine team and focuses predominantly on new business from charter agencies, yacht management firms and family offices. He is also passionate about our programme of building strategic partnerships with industry software providers (like Deep Blue Soft, Aquator Marine and more). Why? Because our partnerships are good for our clients. They bring the services they need together in one place, enabling a seamless simplicity that drives process efficiency.

Mark became a father in 2023 and family, cooking, music and golf consume his free time. Mark’s super-power is the ability to remove the headaches and hurdles that stand in the way of long-term client relationships.

Natalie Alcock, Relationship Director

Natalie looks after some of Centtrip’s largest clients and those with the most complex structures. Leveraging over 20 years’ experience in the foreign exchange, payments and card industry, along with a deep understanding of the Centtrip platform, Natalie ensures clients can streamline their operations and get the best from our products and services.

Speed of response and quality of service are critical in the yacht sector and Natalie is passionate about resolving even the most obscure problems with commitment and compassion.

When not solving client questions, Natalie is most likely found travelling to sunnier shores with a crime novel under her arm. Her Centtrip super-power is her unique blend of speed, productivity and knowledge.

Cecilia Orciani, Account Manager

With her attention to detail and problem-solving focus, Cecilia is well placed to build and nurture relationships with Centtrip’s clients. She also manages our API integration projects and is the first point of contact between software providers and Centtrip’s Engineering team during implementation.

Cecilia is especially focused on early customer experience – ensuring that clients have the knowledge they need to make Centtrip work best for their business. She provides training to office and onboard users to ensure they get the best from the platform.

Cecilia is a native Italian speaker whose passions include yoga, cooking and becoming immersed in nature – especially if there’s sea nearby. Cecilia’s super-powers are optimism and enthusiasm.

Harsha Sadhwani, Account Manager

Harsha works with clients in charter, yacht management and (her speciality) yacht crew payroll. With great analytical and communication skills, coupled with easy adaptability, Harsha loves working with clients on process improvement. She is passionate about the critical role effective process design plays in optimising organisational performance, managing risk, fostering innovation and delivering value to customers. Harsha works with clients to scope out how products can best fit their way of working and how they can enable process improvement to help streamline their business.

It's no surprise that Harsha’s super-power is process implementation and management.

Outside of work, Harsha’s passion is health and wellbeing, from learning about the newest sports trends to working through her own work-out routine.

James Taleporos, Account Manager

With a rich past experience that includes teaching, regulatory compliance and counter-terrorism, James approaches every situation with calmness and clarity. He is passionate about the entire, end-to-end client experience and aims to provide the highest level of support by combining Centtrip’s self-serve functionality with his hands-on involvement in the most urgent, most complex queries. James is also a keen conduit between Centtrip’s customers and the Product team, helping shape a development road-map that leads to the greatest client benefit.

Unnecessary complication and waffle are his pet hates and he prefers to deploy his super-powers of logic and lucidity to any problem at hand.

Away from work, James’ interests include vintage HiFi equipment and motorsport.

Cindy Frost, Business Development Manager

Cindy joined Centtrip in 2022 to grow the business in the USA. She brings a wealth of experience from her background in managing luxury assets for a family office including a yacht, a private jet and several properties. Cindy's super powers lie in her ability to seamlessly navigate the complex world of luxury yachting with grace and precision. With her keen eye for detail and unwavering dedication, Cindy aims to provide personalised solutions and exceptional service to our US clients.

Cindy enjoys spending her spare time embracing the tranquility of her South Florida surroundings. An avid lover of the ocean, Cindy can often be found paddle boarding at sunrise, soaking in the beauty of nature.

The Centtrip Marine A-Team

Whether you are an existing client or an intrigued newcomer, why not contact the Centtrip Marine team? We’re always happy to talk yachts, cards, payments and more. You can reach the team, here, or look for us at one of the season’s upcoming yacht shows.

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