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UK’s new contactless card payment limit

The UK’s new contactless payment limit of £100 extends contactless convenience to more transactions for Centtrip Mastercard holders. 

The contactless payment limit in the UK has increased to £100 from 15th October 2021. 

This brings it in line with other major economies such as USA ($200 / £145), Canada (CN$250 / £144) and Australia (AUS$200 / £106). The EU limit remains at €50 (£43) while in Switzerland PostFinance has just introduced an increased limit of CHF100 (£79, other Swiss bank cards remain at CHF80). 

As before, users will be asked for their PIN number after five consecutive contactless payments. However, the limit for those five payments will also increase, from £145 to £300. 

The higher figure meets the growing demands of our increasingly cash-free society. Almost nine out of 10 card payments in the UK and over 80% of in-store Visa payments across Europe are now contactless. 

It means that holders of the Centtrip Mastercard will enjoy contactless convenience on larger transactions that exceeded the previous limit.  

As with the previous increase (from £30 to £45 in April 2020) the new limit will depend on individual retailers agreeing to apply the increase and updating their merchant terminals to implement the change. 

The same Centtrip security features apply. Cards can be instantly locked and unlocked from the app, transaction limits can be set to suit organisational needs and you have real-time visibility and control over your teams’ expenses. 

With Centtrip, you and your team are empowered to respond to opportunities or challenges wherever and whenever they arise. 

You can read the full announcement from the FCA, here

If you have any questions on the increased, contactless transaction limits or any aspect of the Centtrip Mastercard, check out our online Resources or get in touch

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