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Centtrip in action

0554 GMT • London Heathrow

Morning coffee – GBP 9.95

Coffee and calm, before the madness begins. On my own, on my phone. And, the Centtrip app. Double-check that Rory’s loaded the per diem money for the touring party onto the account and exchanged it to USD.

I can see the first of the dancers arriving for the flight. Time to scan the coffee receipt for my expenses and get going.

  • Manage multiple accounts with real-time reporting from the Centtrip app.
  • Scan and tag receipts for easy analysis.
0925 GMT • London Heathrow

Emerald Tour Wear – GBP 1,500.00

Ready for take-off, but just time to make a last-minute payment for next month’s tour. One of the company has gone ill with food-poisoning, but we have a stand-in. Centtrip can send a new card to the New York hotel in a couple of days. In the meantime, I have a spare.

We haven’t taken off, but already someone’s lost their card. Locked it instantly using the Centtrip app.

  • Highest card transactions limits on the market.
  • Hold up to £350,000 in 15 currencies on your card.
  • Instantly lock or unlock your card from the app.
  • 24/7 support from experts in their field and yours.
1128 GMT / 0628 EST • Somewhere over the Atlantic

Batch payment – USD 42,000.00

Thank heavens for in-flight wi-fi! Time to batch process per diems for the touring company. It’s a process that used to involve suitcases of banknotes and hours of counting in a double-locked hotel room. Now, just one click and everyone’s prepaid Centtrip card is topped up with their weekly allowance.

It’s safer for the individuals, too. And, they can track their own spending on the app if they wish.

  • Batch payments and accounting system integration.
  • Real-time reporting on our award-winning app.
2015 EST • New York

ATM – USD 1,000

Hotel. Everyone checked in. Prima donnas accommodated. A couple of minor hitches, but a quick dash to the nearest ATM and everything was resolved. It’s a tour manager’s job to think ahead, anticipate problems and deal with the unexpected.

The world can’t always wait for a phone call – especially across time zones – but Centtrip’s high balance and transaction limits make handling obstacles or opportunities nice and simple.

  • Withdraw up to £4,000 from ATMs worldwide.
  • High transaction limits empower people on the road.
2322 EST • New York

Joe’s Pizza – USD 495.95

Dinner with the theatre’s management team. Authentic New York pizza and a great start to the next couple of weeks. Afterwards, time to get ahead of tour expenses and reporting.

Oh, and Lindsey’s found her card. Not sure that I needed to know that this evening, but a quick click on the app and it’s unlocked and ready to use.

  • Anytime, anywhere visibility and control.
  • User-set hierarchies make it simple to cascade and manage budgets.
  • Avoid unnecessary costs by holding multiple currencies in your account.

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Your trusted partner

Extension of your team

Your dedicated account manager and FX consultant are on hand and available for day-to-day support and specialist services.

Tailored fee structure

We provide fair and transparent pricing that is both clear and competitive. All fees are guaranteed, fixed and tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Unrivaled expertise

We understand your industry and your business and have experts in banking, payments, foreign exchange, wealth management, compliance and technology.

Trust and transparency

We believe in long-lasting relationships based on trust and work with you to create a tailored approach to managing your expenditure, payments and foreign exchange.

Award-winning technology

Our multi-currency account, card and app are built on innovative API-driven technology which has won multiple global tech awards.

Your security is our highest priority

Authorised and regulated by the FCA we adhere to strict protocols to maintain best-in-class compliance procedures and ensure total security of your finances and data.

What our clients say

“The whole Centtrip team is very knowledgeable and very, very pleasant. They can’t do enough for you and they won’t let you off the phone until you’re happy. The service ethic is clearly important to Centtrip. It’s important to us, too.”

Graham Watson, Head of Financial Accounts, Royal Opera House

“Centtrip understands what our clients need. The online account and app are easy to use, updated throughout the day and there is a great office support team for more complicated matters.”

Grant Court, Director, SRLV Accountants


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Jay Rutland, Creative Director, Maddox Gallery

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