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Centtrip in action

0849 GMT • Edinburgh

The Milkman – GBP 44.95

Essential cookies and coffee for the monthly, everyone-in-the-office, leadership team meeting. Paid with the Centtrip Mastercard. In a rush, running late, but take a quick second to scan the receipt for my expenses.

Just had a call from Steve in Dubai, who needs extra funds (again). Waiting for the barista, I can take a minute to transfer 5,000 UAE dirham using the Centtrip app.

  • Manage multiple, multi-currency accounts from the Centtrip app.
  • Transfer money instantly from account to cards on app or desktop.
  • Scan and tag receipts for easy analysis.
1003 GMT • Edinburgh / Austin TX

Smith McArthur – USD 10,000

Exciting times. A final review and the team’s agreed our new premises in Austin, Texas – our first international office. Pressed the button (literally), there and then to transfer the deposit to the realtor, using Centtrip.

That means competitive exchange rates, no transaction fees and a faster payment process.

  • Manage currencies at live-market rates.
  • Avoid unnecessary costs by holding multiple currencies in your account.
  • Low, fair and transparent rates put you in control of your balances.
1037 GMT • Edinburgh / London

Forward currency contract – ZAR 110,000,000

Call with the Centtrip trading desk. A major partner in South Africa has agreed to part-fund our next development cycle with quarterly instalments. But how do we ensure it’s worth what we expect when we receive each tranche of South African Rand?

A flexible forward contract arranged by Centtrip locks in the exchange rate and helps us avoid any future gaps in our cashflow.

  • Support from an experienced team that understands your needs.
  • Forward currency contracts to reduce exchange and cashflow risk.
1159 GMT • Edinburgh

Batch payment – GBP 83,527.07

A CFO’s work is never done. Time to process creditor payments and salaries, before heading to the airport. Setting up and processing payments used to take an age, but now I simply upload a spreadsheet of payments and it’s done. Happy staff, happy suppliers.

Also time to top up cards for our execs and sales team, so they can get on with their jobs.

  • Batch payments and accounting system integration.
  • Highest card transactions limits on the market.
  • Hold up to £350,000 in 15 currencies on your card.
2023 CET • Paris

ATM – EUR 1,000

Arrived in Paris for tomorrow’s conference. Some last-minute hiccups on the collateral, but a dash to the nearest ATM and a local print shop and everything’s sorted.

The world can’t always wait for a phone call, but Centtrip’s high balance and transaction limits make handling obstacles or opportunities nice and simple.

  • Withdraw up to £4,000 from ATMs worldwide.
  • High transaction limits empower people on the road.

Your trusted partner

Extension of your team

Your dedicated account manager and FX consultant are on hand and available for day-to-day support and specialist services.

Tailored fee structure

We provide fair and transparent pricing that is both clear and competitive. All fees are guaranteed, fixed and tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Unrivaled expertise

We understand your industry and your business and have experts in banking, payments, foreign exchange, wealth management, compliance and technology.

Trust and transparency

We believe in long-lasting relationships based on trust and work with you to create a tailored approach to managing your expenditure, payments and foreign exchange.

Award-winning technology

Our multi-currency account, card and app are built on innovative API-driven technology which has won multiple global tech awards.

Your security is our highest priority

Authorised and regulated by the FCA we adhere to strict protocols to maintain best-in-class compliance procedures and ensure total security of your finances and data.

What our clients say

“Our current, high street bank system is not great for scale. If you need to make 15 payments each month and the amounts change each month, it’s time-consuming and awkward. With Centtrip, I can just upload a spreadsheet and everyone gets paid on time.”

Rémy Astié, Founder and CEO, Vauban

“Centtrip is at the forefront of the payments industry and is revolutionising the foreign-exchange market with its approach and technology, providing unparalleled flexibility and service to its corporate and private client base.”

Lee Britton, Prepaid Financial Services, Europe’s Fastest Growing Mastercard® Issuer

“The currency transfer market is highly competitive with new specialist providers such as Centtrip offering customers excellent value for money. For client switching even a relatively small sum overseas the cost saving can be significant.”

Andrew Hagger, Independent Money Expert, MoneyComms

“Centtrip is by far the easiest and most efficient platform. There is no requirement to call or email a broker as you trade direct from your own online account, when the market is right for you. When required there is broker assistance always replying within minutes. Having compared trades to other companies, I am also getting the best FX rates.”

Tony Leece, Owner, Ski4Less


Explore our latest insights and resources to support your international payments needs.

PR agency empowers its people for best results

"Compared to other card suppliers and banks, the quality of the [Centtrip] team is remarkable. I deal with many banks, card issuers and payment companies around the world and Centtrip is light years ahead of everybody else, just because of its people."

José Neif Jury, Founder and Director, Falcon Corporate Services

3 advantages of the Centtrip Dealing Desk

The support and service your business deserves, from real people who really understand your world. Gain increased visibility, transparency and control. Cut out late expense claims at ridiculous exchange rates.

How to develop your currency strategy

How much do exchange rate movements affect your business? Possibly, more than you imagine. Our new free Centtrip guide can help you to manage your business exposure to foreign exchange rate risk.

‘Wealth container platform’ speeds processing with Centtrip

“Our current, high street bank system is not great for scale. If you need to make 15 payments each month and the amounts change each month, it’s time-consuming and awkward. With Centtrip, I can just upload a spreadsheet and everyone gets paid on time.”

Rémy Astié, Founder & CEO, Vauban

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