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Did you know you can manage complex account structures with Centtrip?

With Centtrip, you can create and manage multiple – independent or linked – accounts from a single interface.

Use our award-winning mobile app or desktop interface to access the full Centtrip platform and all its functionality for all the accounts you control.

A multi-currency, multi-account scenario to suit your needs 

If you’re an accountant, you can manage or administer accounts on behalf of each of your independent clients. 

 If you run a yacht management company, you can have two separate accounts for every yacht under management – one for the vessel’s operational budget and one (or several) for successive charter clients. 

A film studio may want separate sub-accounts for every film project. 

A family office may have interlinked and separate accounts for business and family, for family assets (yacht, real estate, aircraft or artworks), and family members. 

If you manage an international organisation, you can create multiple cost centres across continents and business lines. 

You can hold up to 15 different currencies in unlimited amounts in every Centtrip account and define separate authorisation hierarchies, real-time reports and alerts for everyone. 

You can also have as many Centtrip prepaid Mastercards per account as you need.  

Want to know more?

For more information on how Centtrip can support you and your organisation, check out our online Resources or get in touch today.

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