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An exchange rate opportunity for luxury assets?

These are turbulent times for exchange rates but, amidst the ups and downs, the US dollar is strong against both euro and sterling. That could create opportunities for cash-rich US buyers.

Centtrip - An FX opportunity for luxury assets

Having the right foreign exchange strategy is essential for minimising the currency risk and cost associated with high value acquisitions and divestments.

The pound sterling and euro are currently sitting 15-20% weaker against the US dollar than a year ago. As a result, we’ve recently seen US artists, sportspeople, and other high-net-worth individuals looking for asset opportunities in the UK and Eurozone.

But is now the time to buy? And what should you look out for if you’re considering a major purchase for yourself or a client?

We worked with our friends at independent, residential property consultancy INHOUS on a short paper, an FX opportunity for luxury assets?

Inside, Julian Justice, Centtrip’s Head of Dealing and INHOUS’ Angus Dixon look at ever-moving economics, the risk of price slumps and the need for expert advisors. Angus shares his perspective on the current state of the UK super-prime property market.

Download your free copy, now

Read the new Centtrip paper, An FX opportunity for luxury assets

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