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Centtrip USA opens for business

Centtrip USA supports the unique needs of America’s most mobile organisations – superyacht operations, movie production, music tours and more.

Miami Beach, Florida, is now home to Centtrip’s first US office as it brings its award-winning service to American clients.

US clients can now enjoy Centtrip’s uniquely targeted expense management and card payment technology, with the same high transaction limits, unlimited number of cards, tailored account structures and real-time control as in the UK and Europe.

Designed specifically for the needs of highly mobile organisations, Centtrip brings flexibility, empowerment, visibility and control to fast-moving sectors like superyacht operations, music tours and film production.

As CEO Jane Turner says, “We already have clients in the United States who use Centtrip globally and who wish to use it domestically. By expanding into the US, we are giving highly mobile businesses in the most demanding sectors greater control, flexibility and visibility over their money and their expenses.”

With the US Centtrip Mastercard, clients can instantly transfer of up to $275,000 per day to one or multiple cards. Cardholders can spend up to $250,000 in a single in-person or online transaction and withdraw up to $5,000 per day from ATMs. The Centtrip Mastercard is accepted across America and the world.

US clients can also select whether to preload cards with funds (for example a cardholder’s available budget) or to have all cards on an account draw from the same, central account balance, in the same way that bank debit cards operate.

“The marine and superyacht sector is an important market for us,” Jane says, explaining the decision to open first in Miami Beach. “We’ll also be active in Los Angeles and New York for the music, film and TV, arts and aviation sectors. We understand those industries well. They share the unique challenge of having independent teams and crews on the road, or on the water. Those people need to be empowered to react quickly to events, while their central office needs the visibility to respond and support in real time.”

Centtrip’s technology and service have been honed over the past five years through deep relationships with longstanding clients. It looks to continue solving the challenges of internationally mobile organisations as it expands in the US and beyond.

Explore how Centtrip can support your US business operations.

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