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Centtrip welcomes Katrina Page to its Film and TV Production team

Centtrip welcomes Katrina Page to its Film and TV Production team

Katrina Page has joined Centtrip’s fast-growing Film and TV Production team, following a stint at the sharp end of production accounting. From an initial career in special-needs teaching and commercial finance, Katrina entered the film industry with a job at Lucasfilm, working on the Star Wars franchise. She followed this with roles at Warner Brothers (the forthcoming Wonka film) and Merman (Bad Sisters), before joining the Centtrip team.

We caught five minutes with our new sector account manager to discuss her experience and what attracted her to Centtrip.

Hi, Katrina, welcome to Centtrip. Let’s start with your background. How do you enjoy the film industry?

It’s mind-blowing. I never dreamt that I’d be working in the film industry. It’s such a crazy business. It’s non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every single trade and profession is involved and they work round the clock. Working in accounts in the film industry means you deal with everyone and every aspect of the production. Whether it’s cast, crew, artists or tradesmen, you need to be a people person, you need to be able to solve problems quickly and understand that people have bad days, too.

And, what brought you to Centtrip?

Well, I’d used other solutions before but, when I joined Merman, they were using Centtrip for their cards, foreign exchange and payments. And, it seemed like a perfect solution for an industry where the clock never sleeps. I knew Simon [Liddell, Centtrip’s Director of Music, Film and Entertainment] and, when my production was coming to an end, we had a chat about a role at Centtrip.

What makes Centtrip stand out from other solutions you used in the past?

With other studios and production companies, I’d used different purchasing card and credit card options from well-known business banks.

The Centtrip platform gives you more control, but the biggest difference is that, with Centtrip, you have a phone number and you know you’ll get your account manager on the end of the phone. Whether you’re the production accountant or a cardholder, whenever you have a problem, you know things will be dealt with within minutes. With a traditional bank, you’re in a queue for 40 minutes and, when you do get through, you’re passed around and around. That doesn’t happen with Centtrip.

And, how does your production accountant experience help with your new role at Centtrip?

It means I can share my hands-on experience. I know the things that go wrong every day on a production, and I can help people to avoid or fix those problems, and address the challenges. That could be helping to set up the system to work for their production or simply helping someone who’s forgotten their PIN or lost their card.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when you were in production accounts?

There were so many! But one of the biggest challenges, always, was relying on cardholders to produce their receipts and supporting documents in a timely way. Some would leave it for weeks and weeks. Then you have the reconciliation and coding, because you need to account for even the smallest charge.

What I love about the Centtrip app is that cardholders can code their purchases instantly. They take a quick picture of their receipt, upload it and they’re done. It saves everyone so much time, and nothing gets lost.

Then, from a production accounts perspective, the expense management section on the platform really helps with reconciliation. I love this feature!

Now, what do you like to do when you’re not hanging around a film-set and solving people’s accounting problems?

I don’t live far from the beach so, most of the summer months are spent longboarding with my son. I also love live music – so lots of gigs – and, of course, films. I can’t wait to see Top Gun and I love old 80s and 90s films like Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman.

If people want to contact you, what’s the best way?

Well, people can reach me at Katrina.Page@Centtrip.com and I’m always on LinkedIn.

Katrina, that’s fantastic. Thank you for your time and welcome to the team. We look forward to working with you.

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