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3 ways to make the most of your Centtrip Card

Do you need more from your company card? Centtrip can support you and empower your people - whether they're on the road or at their desks.

We live in an increasingly complex and demanding world. It's progressively cashless, and ever more online. It's international, too, with individuals and businesses easily purchasing across borders. 

Individuals are empowered, and they are often part of matrix organisation structures comprising employees, partners, freelancers and agents. 

If that's your world, you need a card that offers instant, real-time transparency and control with the features and balances to truly empower your people - on the road or at their desks. 

Over 16,000 clients already use Centtrip to help manage their payments and expenses. Let's take a look at the different ways they use the Centtrip card

"Our money" - using the Centtrip card for on-the-road expenses

The Centtrip prepaid, multicurrency Mastercard is ideal for international travel. Whether your people are road warriors or rock stars (our clients are both), the card empowers individuals to deal with situations as they arise. 

"With Centtrip, I can move funds instantly between account and individual prepaid cards. And I have total visibility over all the cards, all the time." - Gareth Jones, Independent Financial Controller and Production Accountant

It features the highest balance and transactions limits on the market. Accepted in more than 210 countries and territories, it's designed for your demanding world. 

"At the end of the night, after a gig, sitting on the tour bus, the tour manager can go onto the app and see what was spent that day... [and they can] upload receipts direct from the mobile app saving even more time all round." - Lloyd Quilty, Director, SRLV

Relevant features include:

  • Hold up to 15 currencies, up to £350,000*, on a single card

  • Spend up to £150,000 in a single point-of-sale or online transaction

  • Withdraw up to £4,000 daily from 2.1 million ATMs worldwide*

  • Empower individuals to seize opportunities and solve problems quickly

  • Customise card and purchase limits for greater control and flexibility

  • Scan, tag and upload card transactions from the app for efficient expense management

  • Track expenditure in real-time and with tailored, transaction history reporting

  • Instantly lock and unlock cards with Safe Mode on the app

"Your money" - using the Centtrip card to manage per diems

If you manage travelling teams - whether that's film crew, road crew, or ship's crew - you probably pay per diem allowances. Historically, that's involved large amounts of cash. It's been time-consuming, expensive and high-risk. We hear tales of tour directors holding suitcases of cash in hotel rooms, and road managers forgetting bags of cash in roadside diners. 

Today, many prefer the Centtrip prepaid card.

"Before, it took half a day per week to distribute monies, now I just create a batch upload file, click the button and cast and crew have instant access to their balances" - Gareth Jones, Independent Financial Controller and Production Accountant

For last year's tour of Japan, the Royal Opera issued nearly 300 Centtrip cards and transferred per diem allowances at the start of each week. 

"Ruth Mulholland, the touring company manager, and i were administrators on the account so we could disperse the per diem payments from the account to individuals' cards. She also had eight spare cards so that, if somebody lost a card, she could instantly lock the lost card, issue a replacement and transfer the balance to the new card within seconds. If anyone forgot their PIN, Ruth could reissue it. She had everything under control" - Graham Watson, Head of Financial Accounts, Royal Opera House

Key features for organisations paying per diems: 

  • Award-winning, easy to use app helps individuals keep track of their personal spending

  • Individuals’ remaining balances can be withdrawn as cash from any ATM, transferred to personal bank accounts or spent once back home.

  • Instantly transfer up to £200,000 per day to one or multiple cards*

  • Order as many cards as needed for large tours

  • Cards delivered in just a few days

  • Instantly lock and unlock cards with Safe Mode on the app

  • Hold up to 15 currencies (up to £350,000*) on a single card

  • Withdraw up to £4,000 daily from 2.1 million ATMs worldwide*

"Their money" - using the Centtrip card to manage client funds

Centtrip provides its services to many of the world's superyacht fleet. For charter yachts, clients pay an advance provisioning allowance (APA) to the yacht management company, which is then used to provision the yacht and meet additional costs such as ad hoc purchases, excursions and so on. 

With Centtrip, management companies can cascade the APA onto the cards of captain and crew for each yacht. This gives captains the autonomy to instantly meet the needs of the most demanding clients while always staying in control of what's spent. Real-time, anytime visibility and reporting make reconciliation simple and avoids charges being missed at the end of each charter. 

"The Centtrip app is ideal because it's really user-friendly and gives captains real-time reporting of transactions, 24/7 from anywhere in the world." - Farid El Khazzar, Charter Accountant, Edmiston

In the music business, many of our accountant and management company clients use the same features – managing the finances of multiple, independent clients from a single, any device interface.

Important features for managing other people’s money include:

  • Manage multiple accounts from a single interface

  • Create multiple cost centres across continents and business lines and manage them with client-defined, multi-tiered permissions

  • Manage multiple cards from one account

  • Hold up to 15 currencies on a single card

  • Up to £350,000 balance per card*

  • Spend up to £150,000 in a single point-of-sale or online transaction*

  • Safe Mode – lock and unlock cards instantly, anywhere, using the smartphone app

  • Tag and upload receipts instantly using the app, integrating with master account

  • Save time and money with tailored reports of live transaction history to keep track of expenditure worldwide, in real time

Designed for a demanding world 

Centtrip supports the world’s largest superyachts and its top touring music act. We’re also growing quickly in film & entertainment and in aviation. Our clients include international professional services businesses and others that need to support globally mobile road warriors. Last year nearly £1 billion of transactions flowed across the Centtrip platform.

"Have failsafe financial security, knowing you can provision for every eventuality, and having a financial partner that understands your world really gives you peace of mind. Centtrip's made the financial side of yacht management a pleasure." - Rob Dolling, Director of Sales & Purchase Management and New Construction, VERPEKA DOLLING

The Centtrip Card – like all our services – is designed to meet the needs of high-spending, internationally mobile individuals and crews. If you’d like to discuss how it can support you and your people, please get in touch.

* Higher cash withdrawal levels, card balances and transfer limits are available upon request subject to status.

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If you’d like to discuss how Centtrip can support you and empower your people, please get in touch.

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