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50-second feature focus: Batch FX Payments

Load, schedule and manage hundreds of foreign currency transactions at a time.

Whether its regular royalties payments, international crews’ salaries or simply your monthly Accounts Payable run, our Batch FX Payments feature makes it simple to manage hundreds of international payments in multiple, different currencies.

Benefits of Centtrip Batch FX Payments

Load payments in a single batch

Use the Centtrip API or import a single spreadsheet with all your international payments: for different payees, in different countries, in different currencies and for different payment dates.

Free and instant payments across Centtrip

Make free-of-charge, instant payments to other Centtrip account holders with CenttripNow.

Integrate with your accounting system

Using Centtrip’s API or our direct integration with leading accounting packages like Xero, you can easily and dynamically exchange data with your chosen accounting or ERP system.

Set your own, multi-tiered approval process

Create the control structures you need. Set multi-tiered permissions and approvals to manage payments and beneficiaries.

Real-time reporting

Manage your payments with comprehensive, real-time reporting. 

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