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50-second feature focus: Expense Management

Manage your entire expenses process, in multiple currencies from a single, any-device system.

Centtrip Expense Management simplifies your expenses process by putting it all in one system, within your Centtrip account.

Expense Management removes the need for cardholders to complete expenses forms or copy paper receipts. And it makes it easier for administrators to track and manage expenditure in real time.

Benefits of Centtrip Expense Management

Track and manage cash and card

Keep account of every expense transaction however it’s paid: from an ATM withdrawal, a cash float or on the Centtrip card.

Upload expense receipts instantly

Cardholders can upload instant photo receipts and attach labels on-the-go using the Centtrip app, or at a more convenient time on their laptop through the Centtrip web platform. No more paper receipts to handle or manual expense forms to fill out.

Easily input multiple expenses or cards on the Centtrip desktop

If you process multiple expenses or cards, or if you simply prefer to input your expenses once a week or at the end of the month, use the Centtrip desktop for the same, rich, streamlined experience of uploading receipts, labels and notes on your PC or laptop.

Tailor data to your requirements

Run custom monthly transaction reports or weekly charter reports effortlessly – edit fields, apply filters and specify custom dates.

Create custom transaction views

Save your tailored reports and re-run them instantly at any time – useful for reconciling different yacht, charter, tour or project accounts.

Manage labels and receipts

Review receipts and labels added by cardholders and add your own custom notes and labels to any transaction.

Create bespoke corporate labels

Corporate labels are linked to accounting codes and can be added to transactions via a drop-down, ideal for mapping to your own accounting practices.

Export, import and integrate in the format of your choice

You can import an XLS file into your accounting software, submit a PDF statement for approval, or directly integrate using the Centtrip API or its Xero integration.

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