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Smooth sailing into summer: how Centtrip streamlines superyacht charter expenses

As summer season in the Med officially starts, yacht charter brokers are gearing up for peak activity. The challenges they face – from rapid yacht set-ups and turnover between charters to managing large financial transactions in multiple currencies – are as varied and dynamic as the seas their superyachts sail.

In this complex, demanding and fast-moving environment, Centtrip is often seen as the ultimate partner, offering a suite of benefits designed to streamline yacht charter operations and enhance the charter experience for guests.

Setting sail with Centtrip: a swift journey from set-up to charter

Speed of set-up and onboarding

Time is of the essence in the world of superyacht charter. Centtrip ensures a swift and efficient onboarding process for new vessels, allowing captain and crew to be up and running in no time. New cards for new crew members or replacements for lost cards are delivered quickly across the world so you can say goodbye to delays and hello to seamless sailing.

Simple management of charter APAs

With Centtrip, you can deposit a client’s APA directly into a dedicated Centtrip account and manage it from a single, secure, any-device login. You can convert into the currencies you need, load the captain and crew’s cards or make direct bank-to-bank payments. And, at the end of the charter, it’s simple to refund the remaining balance or disburse it as crew gratuities as requested.

Integration with your accounting systems

Setting up your systems is simple, too. With the Centtrip API, you can easily and dynamically extract all your transaction data from Centtrip into your chosen accounting or ERP system. That means all your foreign exchange, payments, card expenses and cardholder receipts, in every currency.

Centtrip also integrates directly with leading industry software like DEEP Blue Soft to make superyacht management even smoother.

Crewing up with Centtrip's expert support

Speedy customer support

In the demanding world of luxury yachting, timely support is non-negotiable. Centtrip's customer support team, comprised of professionals well-versed in the superyacht charter industry, stands ready to provide rapid assistance precisely when you need it. Sail confidently, knowing that support is just a click or call away.

Professionals who understand your world

Centtrip isn't just a financial platform; it's a strategic partner that understands the intricacies of the superyacht world. Our team of experts brings invaluable industry insight, ensuring that your financial solutions align seamlessly with the unique challenges of managing luxury charters.

Smooth sailing with Centtrip's world-class management features

Multiple accounts for each yacht

Centtrip empowers you to manage successive charters seamlessly by offering multiple accounts for each yacht. With Charter A and Charter B accounts (and Charter C if you wish), it’s easy to separate expenditure for consecutive charters. Additional accounts for the vessel’s operational costs and payroll ensure clarity and precision for every aspect of the yacht’s financial management.

Multiple cards for each account

Tailoring to the diverse needs of each yacht, Centtrip allows for multiple cards per yacht account. On smaller vessels, a sole “captain’s card” might be adequate, but for larger crews it makes sense to have separate cards (and separate funds) to match your management structure: captain, chef, housekeeping, engineer – you decide. Dedicated cards help streamline expense management and ensure accountability.

Real-time visibility and control

Centtrip's platform offers real-time visibility and control over expenditure. That means captains, the accounts office and the management structure you define can track expenses as they happen, enabling informed decision-making and a proactive approach to financial management during back-to-back charter periods.

Set the limits, alerts and functions you need at a per-card level

Every management structure is different, so Centtrip enables you to decide on transaction limits, alerts and functions (like ATM access) at a per-card level, so you always have the control you require.

Highest card limits in the industry

In the world of luxury yachting, it’s important your crews are empowered to deal quickly with guest requests. Centtrip offers the highest card limits in the industry to ensure your crew can deal with requests, opportunities or challenges whenever and wherever they arise.

Batch payments in multiple currencies

Centtrip simplifies the complex task of managing multiple currencies. You can instantly convert currencies within the Centtrip multicurrency account and effortlessly make bank-to-bank batch payments in multiple currencies for crew payroll, yacht expenses or disbursing gratuities. Centtrip's platform is designed to handle the intricacies of financial transactions in the global yacht charter market.

Navigating foreign currencies with Centtrip's Currency Dealing Desk

Reduction in foreign exchange risk

The Centtrip Currency Dealing Desk can help provide a robust shield against foreign exchange risk. In an industry where transactions span the globe, Centtrip can help minimise the impact of currency fluctuations, ensuring that financial operations remain steady and secure. This can be especially important for end-of-season refurbishment projects or yacht sales where large sums are committed according to future milestones.

As the Mediterranean’s azure waters beckon, and charter yachts are booked up across the season, Centtrip is ready to help you redefine the yacht charter experience for your clients. From swift onboarding to the meticulous management of complex transactions to hedging the risks on end-of-season refurbs, Centtrip can guide your charter business through the challenges of a busy summer season.

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