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Leveraging the superpowers of speed and control for a post-strike world

As UK film and TV production companies race back to work after the Hollywood writer and actors’ strike, they face super-tight schedules and a battle for top talent.

Just a few weeks ago, three quarters of surveyed UK film and TV workers said they were out of work. Nine in 10 were worried about their financial security, according to the UK film and TV union Bectu.

Now, with Hollywood’s SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes settled, productions face the opposite challenge. There’s a rush to get back to work, to meet 2024 schedules, and to secure the necessary talent to get projects off the ground and in the can.

More than ever, in the dynamic world of film and TV production, time is money, and every second counts. 

Here’s how the Centtrip platform and award-winning app can help, with unparalleled speed, support, and control.

Lightning-fast onboarding

One of the critical, post-strike challenges is the pressure to resume production swiftly. Centtrip understands the need for speed, offering a seamless onboarding process that allows production companies to hit the ground running with domestic and multicurrency payments and as many multicurrency cards as your production needs. Our platform ensures your team can transition smoothly, eliminating unnecessary delays and maximising productivity.

Rapid, responsive and reliable customer support

There's no room for delays or uncertainty in the high-stakes world of film and TV. Centtrip's customer support goes beyond the ordinary, providing rapid assistance precisely when you need it, wherever you are. Our team of account managers and customer support professionals understands the unique challenges of the production world, where a failed transaction or a missed flight can jeopardise an expensive day’s production. We provide tailored solutions and expert guidance to keep your production running smoothly.

Real-time visibility and control

In an industry where events move quickly and every penny counts, Centtrip provides real-time visibility and control over your expenditure. Our platform ensures that you can monitor and manage your finances on the go, allowing for quick decision-making and cost-effective choices. 

With client defined controls and alerts at a per-card level, expense management, receipt capture and annotation, and our hugely popular cash manager functionality, financial control is no longer a challenge; it's a competitive advantage.

Setting the bar with highest card limits

Recognising the fast-moving, high-spending demands of the industry, Centtrip offers the highest card transaction and balance limits in the business. This gives you the financial flexibility to meet the demands of tight production schedules, securing the talent you need without constraint. Centtrip empowers you and your crew to make the necessary financial transactions without limitations, ensuring you can bring your creative vision to life.

Mitigating foreign exchange risks

The Centtrip Currency Dealing Desk takes the worry out of foreign exchange risks. In a global industry, fluctuating currencies can be a significant concern, especially if there’s a currency mismatch between your funding, security, and budget. Centtrip provides a reliable shield, minimising the impact of currency fluctuations and allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating exceptional content.

The perfect partnership

As UK film and TV production companies sprint to reclaim lost time and talent post-strike, Centtrip is the ally you need. With a commitment to speed, support, and industry understanding, Centtrip is more than a financial platform; it's a strategic partner dedicated to propelling your production to new heights.

In a world where every decision matters, trust Centtrip to be your financial accelerator, expediting your production with unprecedented speed and precision.

Check out our free guide, How to Better Manage Your Production Budget, to learn more.

Or speak to one of our Media and Entertainment team.

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