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How to manage expenses for internationally mobile teams

Outdated expense processes damage agility, waste time and cost money. Our free, downloadable Centtrip Guide can help.

Get your free copy of the new Centtrip Guide.

Is your expense management process holding you back and costing you money? Our free, downloadable Centtrip Guide can help.

Can your field teams respond quickly to opportunities or obstacles as they arise?

Life on the road is fast-paced and situations often can’t wait for telephoned approval, especially across time zones.

“Just let me check with my boss” doesn't cut it anymore.

If your organisation still relies on a reclaim system (and four in ten organisations do), field staff may be reluctant (or unable) to spend personal funds to resolve a situation. Either way, expenditure by road warriors is invisible until you get the claim form in the middle of next month.

Relying on either company credit cards or expense claims is probably costing you money, too: through process time, errors, lost receipts, compliance and tax reclaim issues, or simply through the foreign transaction charges (around 3%) that credit card issuers typically charge.

Whether you manage an international consultancy, a fleet of charter yachts or on-location film crew, the challenge is the same: how do you enable and empower internationally mobile teams while maintaining visibility and control?

Our new Centtrip Guide – How to Better Manage Expenses for Internationally Mobile Teams – could help.

This complimentary guide covers five areas:

  1. Have a clear and simple expenses policy

  2. Have a simple, solid process

  3. Ensure appropriate levels of visibility and control

  4. Avoid unseen costs

  5. The world can’t wait for a phone call

It’s designed to help you review and reshape your policy and processes to ensure your in-field activities – whether that’s touring acts, flight crew, project teams or road warriors – are agile and empowered to respond to change.

The guide is packed with tips, information and advice from others who manage internationally mobile teams.

Download your free copy, now

Get your free copy of our new Centtrip Guide, How to Better Manage Expenses for Internationally Mobile Teams.

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