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‘Wealth container platform’ speeds processing with Centtrip

“Our current, high street bank system is not great for scale. If you need to make 15 payments each month and the amounts change each month, it’s time-consuming and awkward. With Centtrip, I can just upload a spreadsheet and everyone gets paid on time.”

Rémy Astié, Founder & CEO, Vauban

Read more about how Centtrip supports Vauban.

Vauban is disrupting the staid world of investment vehicles with its digital, wealth container platform. It chose Centtrip, as a like-minded business, to speed payments and improve its customer service.

Launching an investment vehicle is, traditionally, a slow and expensive process involving lots of paper and lots of (expensive) people.

By contrast, Vauban’s integrated, vertical approach means that investors can incorporate and launch an investment special purpose vehicle (SPV) in just 48 hours, with all documentation created automatically and necessary processes like Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and High Net Worth certification all streamlined and simplified. 

Using the traditional legal firm route, the process can take three weeks and cost three times as much. Creating venture funds and hedge funds with Vauban are similarly faster and cheaper than traditional routes.

The company’s founder and CEO, Rémy Astié, wanted a payments partner that could complement its approach to due diligence, speed international payments, offer a digital service and a level of customer service that matched Vauban’s own. 

He chose Centtrip.

“With SPVs, speed is critical”

Centtrip is now offered as an integral part of Vauban services, providing an efficient way to manage international fund flows.

“Today, investors want more involvement in what they invest in. They want the opportunity to say yes and no to every deal. That means greater demand for deal-by-deal SPVs,” Astié explains.

“Speed is life-critical in these situations. The SPV needs to set up quickly before the opportunity passes.”

The two companies have worked together to align their KYC and AML processes, reducing the burden and intrusion on individual investors.

By opening a Centtrip account at the same time as incorporating the SPV, a single, instant payment using CenttripNow, covers set-up fees and the initial investment into the vehicle.

“Today, investors want more discretion in what they invest in … Speed is life-critical in these situations. The SPV needs to set up quickly before the opportunity passes.”

Vauban enjoys other benefits, as well.

It saves time and money using Centtrip to process international payments.

It stays in control of all its international cash flows with Centtrip’s award-winning app, desktop interface and flexible, real-time transaction reporting.

And, Astié enjoys the relationship, “I like the alliance of two tech companies, each digitising something that was a very manual, old-school service. We replace two piles of paper with two machines.”

Download your free copy, now

You can read more about how Centtrip supports Vauban in the full Centtrip Story.

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